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11月6日 VS嵐2時間スペシャル予告。
智くんの涙・・(T ^ T)


Ura Arashi Hawaii Blast ~ Jun-chan kitta!

Did you guess that the purple highlights were a hint? Personally, I love his Hawaii pics the most; then again it could just be my bias. 😆😆

And it’s time to start saving up for Blast DVD everyone! 😁😅

Cr: English jweb (Ura Arashi Hawaii Blast ~ Matsujun)


VS Arashi in Hawaii 2hrs SP will be aired on November 6th!

Orgasm alert! Jun driving an american style car.


Enjoy the Enjoy that Jun posted!

Dolphins are my fav mammals! So glad Sho, Satoshi and Jun had fun with them! 😊😁👍

Cr: English jweb (Matsujun Enjoy)



Member messages coming up, but here’s our miracle boy Masaki first!

Cr: English jweb


Arashi - Josei Jishin 2014.10.14

If the other members except you were all girls, who would you want to go out with?
Sakurai: There it is, the standard question.
Ninomiya: We've answered this around 10 million times now.
Matsumoto: Not marriage but going out? (unexpectedly begins to consider this seriously)
Ninomiya: Isn't it about time we added this topic to our profiles?
Matsumoto: Monday would be with Aiba-kun, I think. We'll watch Arashi no Shukudai-kun together.
Aiba: Ohh! There it is!
Sakurai: That would definitely be fun.
Matsumoto: Tuesday would be fishing with Leader.
Ohno: I'll bring you with me~ ♥
Matsumoto: Wednesday would be Nino. We'll go drinking together and he can show me magic tricks.
Ninomiya: Ahh~ that's good, let's do it.
Matsumoto: Then, I'll rest on Thursday.
Sakurai: Ah, you're resting? What about me...?
Matsumoto: (ignores) I'll watch Himitsu no Arashi-chan by myself, I think.
Aiba: Time alone to yourself is important too.
Ninomiya: Friday would be appearing on Mste (Music Station) with our new song~
Matsumoto: Saturday I'll be going out all night~
Sakurai: And then when you wake up the next morning, you'd be with Sakurai~
Matsumoto: (ignores) Sunday would be sleeping in and waking up to watch a recording of VS Arashi from the day before. There!
Sakurai: Then, Monday would be watching News Zero with Sakurai-kun. There!
Aiba: No, Monday would be me again.
Sakurai: Then, even once a month or something would be fine, wouldn't someone go out with me too? Like the third Thursday of each month or something.
--- You wouldn't stick to one person?
Matsumoto: Nah~ everyone's cool.
Everyone: (explodes in laughter)
Matsumoto: I can't choose (laugh)
Aiba: That's a given.
Matsumoto: They're all good guys.
Ninomiya: Even if I did a simulation too, everything would be the same right down to the weekdays.
Sakurai: Even down to me making an appearance once a month... (tear)
The Television Weekly - 03/14-20/2009 - Arashi WHY!?


Ohmiya Rehearsal